Camp EDC Las Vegas 2023

May 2023 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA | Insomniac Events

About Camp EDC Las Vegas 2023

It was again that time of the year when Camp EDC Las Vegas 2023 took place! The visitors were ready to feel the energy pulsating through their veins because this wasn’t just any ordinary camping experience—it was a celebration of life, music, and pure bliss. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas is the world’s most prominent electric music festival, with over 400.000 visitors. Camp EDC Las Vegas attendees can call Camp EDC their home away from home. Besides being a place to sleep, Camp EDC offers free massages, haircuts, makeup artists, yoga classes, standup comedy, and various carnival rides. There will be a pre-festival opening party for 22.000 people, four after-parties, 24/7 entertainment, food, and drinks for five days straight.

Role of Backbone

Our friends from Insomniac Events entrusted Backbone once again with site design, build, and operations, technical production, activity curating & management, and customer experience operations. Our Backbone crew built 4,200 shift pods on 2.5 million sq ft of turf and over 3,400 RV spots. Battling heat and heavy winds, our team worked around the clock to create an excellent experience for all the visitors.

Event Photography credits: Marc van der Aa | Insomniac Events

EDC Las Vegas 2023
EDC Las Vegas