Production Management & Consultancy

Backbone is the worldwide specialist in production management. The role of production management spans many activities from strategic to tactical and varies based on the size of the project we are involved with. To maximize the impact and benefits to our clients, we maintain a firm grip on all aspects of the production process including digital designing, pre-production processes, and executing projects.

With the trust and reliance from our clients, our production managers engage relevant parties, manage the production process, and constantly focus on budget control. Backbone International is the center of gravity, aligning all processes, working steadily towards the deadline.

Technical Production & Design

Backbone releases the tension between creative ideas and available budget. The technical designers at Backbone use extensive CAD drawing programs, translating the often wild creative ideas into feasible technical plots and technical plans. With the utilization of a strong technical drawing, we are able to help our clients visualize their event, catch possible bottlenecks, and manage expectations. Through the Backbone way, our clients see immediately how their event will look and what exactly is being delivered. In addition, we can see in a drawing whether different disciplines collide with each other. Ensuring that ideas for groundbreaking experiences, quality, and safety are balanced at the highest level.

Our core-team, supported by our international network of technical partners, will design and handle every technical aspect of the event. We handle local subcontractors and the local network. We capture all related information in our central production drawing, so that an overall picture of the production is created. By combining all the information in a detailed 3D location drawing, our client receives a framework where problems can be identified and ultimately, solutions can be found.

Overlay Management

As general contractor we manage all aspects of temporary infrastructure. Making efficient use of existing infrastructure and consolidate needed facilities and crew, Backbone realizes an optimal result.

We listen...

...to our clients. This is one of the valued aspects in our client relationships. Ambitions, goals, target audience and ideas are important to know how we can support our clients. From the first consultation to the productions finale, we help shape your vision into an engaging project.

We manage...

...timelines, deadlines and budgets. Our experienced team will translate creative ideas and produce a realistic transparent solution that will work in compliance with the demands.

We execute...

...the many facets of the production, we will make it work on site. Our focus on reliability and adaptability assures a smooth production process on site. We are the backbone of your event.


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