Apr 2017 | Myanmar | ALDA Events & Zeekwat Collective

About Wetnation 

After the success of We Are Connected at the end of 2016, ALDA and Zeekwat proceeded onwards with a new project, Wetnation. The first edition of Wetnation is now the second project from the ALDA and Zeekwat partnership.

Wetnation is during Thingyan, which means “transit.” Thingyan is a traditional Burmese New Year Festival, and celebrations usually fall around mid-April. It is a Buddhist festival celebrated over four to five days, culminating in the Lunar New Year. The distinguishing feature of this festival is water throwing or dousing one another with any shape or form of vessel/device that delivers water. It may be done on the first four days of the festival.

Role of Backbone

Myanmar is a relatively new player in the Asian festival market. Since 2016, the market has been propelled open. The first major electronic dance music festivals are, therefore, a staple in the industry’s beginning steps.

Technical production is still in its infancy, and for this reason, the promoters asked Backbone to accompany the first edition of We Are Connected in 2016. The second opportunity arose in 2017 when the two parties decided to organize a second festival, Wetnation. The first edition needed to have those same results. Thus, Backbone was invited to accompany the technical production of this event.

Translating creative designs into technical possibilities was a challenge. Especially the processing of decor in the stage designs. This is a new phenomenon because the market was very small. This meant the supply of materials and suppliers was also reaching restrictions regarding creativity. Working within the restrictions, with the help of the local promoters and suppliers, the Backbone team managed to work out an unparalleled design into a beautiful stage.

The Dutch production and design team worked closely to produce the complex design during a short preparation period. After a two-week build-up time frame, the results were imminent: a beautiful stage full of decor, water, fireworks, foam, light, and video effects.