Jan 2015 | Den Bosch | DVP Europe

About Wella 

Backbone is the technical production partner for many past Wella Trend Vision Award editions. In 2015 Backbone produced this hair fashion show in the Brabant Hallen Den Bosch for DVP Europe. DVP Europe created a high-end show and stage design. More than 150 models in a 1,5-hour show for 1000 guests. Backbone has had a long-lasting relationship with the Wella Trendvison Award over the last 5 years and also with DVP as an event agency of Wella.

Role of Backbone

DVP knows how to design and develop a new creative concept with a corresponding stage set every year. Backbone is the technical producer and translates these concepts into technology and stage design. All this is within tightly managed budgets. Every year the Trend Vision Award is a technically complex challenge. As a creative agency, DVP knows how to present a challenging design. They also know how to push for the maximum attainable when it comes to showing technology.

The 2014 edition was based on a book that opens on the correct page. The book is meant to open and close in one smooth movement. Backbone used certain technology to make this happen so no tethers were visible on stage. Visuals were to be displayed on the page areas as a live image. This was on the outside of the cover but also on the inside of the same cover after opening the book. Besides this visual on the front cover, there was also an image on the back cover. In addition to the full visual show on stage, there were two catwalks to reach the guests in the audience.

In 2015 the stage consisted of two vertically moving “diamonds.” Visuals were displayed on these diamonds as well, also during the movement of the objects. The audience sat on both sides of the stage. This led to a transparent and clean view of certain moments during the show.