We Are Connected

Nov 2016 | Myanmar | ALDA Events & Zeekwat Collective

Event Information:

ALDA and Zeekwat joined forces to organise a new festival in Myanmar: We Are Connected. This partnership was founded to help local organizers respond to the demand for new festivals in Asia. We Are Connected took place in Myanmar on November 23, 2016. The name of the festival represents the country’s fast development to digital platforms. The concept behind We Are Connected is all about a movement for the youth of Myanmar to become connected to the rest of the world through music.

We Are Connected hosted headliner, Armin van Buuren’s very first debut in Myanmar and on that Wednesday, electronic dance music lovers came out to like, share, and connect over an amazing array of music.

Role Backbone:

Myanmar is a relatively new player in the Asian festival market. Since 2016, the market has been propelled open. The first major electronic dance music festivals are therefore a staple in the industry’s beginning steps. Technical production is still in infancy and for this reason, Backbone was asked by the promoters to accompany the first edition of We Are Connected in 2016.

Translating creative designs into technical possibilities was a challenge. Especially the processing of decor in the stage designs. This because a new phenomenon, due to the fact that the market was very small. This meant the supply of material and suppliers is also reaching restrictions when it comes to creativity. Working within the restrictions, with the help of the local promoters and suppliers, the Backbone team managed to work out an unparalleled design into a beautiful stage.

The venue, One Entertainment Park. is a brand-new venue and the first event that took place there was We Are Connected. There was a close collaboration between the venue and production team due to necessary deadlines that needed to be meet throughout the production period.


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