Apr 2017 | Amsterdam | MAAK

About VEED

The VEED Festival is for online video creators and their fans! Over four days, the festival hosts well-known YouTube stars in collaboration with MAAK. MAAK is a creative agency that helps major brands reach their target audience through online media.

In addition to the festival, there is a prize ceremony called the VEED Awards. The VEED Awards are prizes for the best YouTubers in the Netherlands. The prizes have been awarded annually in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam since 2015. Viewers determine the best YouTubers in the Netherlands and vote for their favorite online star.

Role of Backbone

This was the second year Backbone worked on this production, specifically production management, technical production and design, and risk and crowd management. The Backbone team began in November 2016 with the first drafts in close communication with VEED, fulfilling their needs and desires. With a generous amount of media covering this festival, all aspects needed to be spot on. Especially in signage and visitor experiences, to ensure that visitors have that same VEED experience every year. The festival hosts extensive Q&As where YouTube stars can meet their fans. Thus, the Backbone team helped facilitate accreditation plantings. With over 100 people showing up for one YouTube star, there needed to be a consistent flow of curing the audience.

Load-in was a tight schedule, but we could stick to our plans with the help of our partners. With hard work and dedication, the load went smoothly. Proceeding load-in came the fun stuff, like building a bumper car arena, assembling a gaming area with VR and Playstation, and even a beauty salon sponsored by beauty brands like Maybelline.

After 18 full days of producing the VEED festival, the organization and venue were more than satisfied with our efforts!