TomorrowWorld 2013

Oct 2013 | Atlanta, USA | Tomorowland

About TomorrowWorld 2013

In February, TomorrowWorld 2013, the first US edition of the popular Tomorrowland event, took place. This international edition attracted 140.000 visitors from all over the world and lured them to Chattahoochee Hills in Atlanta to enjoy three days of festival madness.

Role of Backbone

Backbone International produced this event that included eight elaborate stages and a campsite made to fit 25.000 people. Our North American team ensured that every technical aspect was on point during the festival. With the knowledge within our team, they made everything set in time before the festival kicked off.

Photography courtesy: TomorrowWorld

TomorrowWorld 2013TomorrowWorld 2013TomorrowWorld 2013TomorrowWorld 2013