TMW Atlanta

Sep 2015 | Chattahoochee Hills - GA | ID&T

Event information

TomorrowWorld is an electronic dance festival and the American spin-off of the Belgian TomorrowLand. TomorrowLand was first held in 2005 in Boom, Belgium, and has enjoyed a growing number of visitors each year since then. In 2013, TomorrowLand’s producers made the bold move of expanding to the US with an event at the beautiful Bouckaert Farm in Chattahoochee Hills, GA, near Atlanta. Over the course of three days, TomorrowWorld brings together 150,000 people from almost every country in the world to celebrate the world’s best DJs. TomorrowWorld differs from many other festivals with its expansive stages, abundance of details, and the various camping and glamping options offered to patrons.

Role Backbone

The first edition of TomorrowWorld was held in September 2013. After many successful experiences with Backbone in Europe, ID&T reached out to Backbone to produce their first major festival in North America. With only a few months of preparation, Backbone put together a successful production team to conquer this challenge.Timing was the biggest challenge during this project. Many specialized TomorrowWorld items needed to be fabricated in the United States within a very short time frame. With the help of great partners and suppliers, the Backbone team was able to rise to this challenge, working together closely with the TomorrowLand team based in their headquarters in Belgium.

Backbone was responsible for the technical production, overlay management and décor production. During the 2014 and 2015 editions, Backbone was appointed to handle the entire project as well and has become ID&T’s go-to producer in North America.

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