Dec 2022 | Jaarbeurs Utrecht | Thunderdome

About the Thunderdome

On December 10th, it was finally time for all 50.000 ‘gabbers’ to come together to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht to celebrate that it was already 30 years ago since the first edition of the legendary hardcore concept, Thunderdome. There were performances of Angerfist, F.Noize, Broken Minds, and many more. Hardcore will never die!

Role of Backbone

Backbone provided overlay management and overlay drawings for this edition of Thunderdome. Twelve areas as large as 100.000 square feet, including six areas with a different hardcore genre, asked for creativity and efficiency during the build-up process. Our Backbone team was 7 days on-site to prepare everything. For such a large surface, you would think the loading out would also take a week, but it wasn’t because every area was empty and ready for the next event only after 36 hours since the last hardcore beats.

Photography event: Thunderdome