The Streamers

Sep 2022 | Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam | Tribe Company

About The Streamers

The Streamers is an initiative of 20 different Dutch artists and event organizers Tribe Company and Modestus Management & Concerts. It is the largest occasional band in the Netherlands. They joined forces in 2021 by giving free live-stream concerts throughout the lockdown periods to 7.5 million fans. A year later, the formation announced its first-ever live performance series! Held at the historic Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam, the three shows took place from the 16th to the 18th of September. The Streamers sold out 90,000 tickets in an hour and a half! And with an extremely high ticket demand, Saturday’s event was live-streamed.

Role of Backbone

Backbone was asked by our friends from Tribe to help make this inaugural live concert series happen! We took on the technical design, technical production and overlay management. With around 30,000 attendees per day coming into the unique venue, the team worked hard to set up a great visitor experience.

Our Backbone team built an eye-catching 81m wide and 23m high podium. Besides, they installed a huge for the shows. As the stadium is located in an urban area, logistics and overlay were essential aspects of the production and came with challenges. With heavy lifting cranes, the right covering of the Olympic grass and running track. With a detailed logistic plan and excellent collaboration between suppliers and crew, we’ve thoroughly tackled and managed all the hurdles. It was a great and interesting project, resulting in a memorable weekend in Amsterdam.

Official event photo credits: Tribe Company | Bart Heemskerk | Nathan Reinds
Build-up drone photo credits: InterStage BV