The Flying Dutch

Jun 2018 | The Netherlands | ALDA Events

Event Information:

The Flying Dutch is a tri-city electronic music festival taking place simultaneously in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Celebrating the global success of the Dutch electronic music scene, the festival annually offers the biggest and best DJs to have risen from it. Appropriately, this victory celebration is the largest outdoor music festival in the country, attracting over 100,000 people in its single day.

Role Backbone:

In Amsterdam there were 20,000 visitors throughout the entire day. It took the utilization of many different suppliers, production teams, and partners with many different moving parts. With three different parties, building the same stages, in different locations… organization, communication, and management needed to be in tact.

In Rotterdam there were 22,500 visitors throughout the entire day at the Rotterdam Ahoy grounds. Backbone International was involved with the technical production, overlay management, and technical design of TFD Rotterdam.

In Eersel there were 17,500 visitors throughout the entire day. Backbone International built 350 fixtures, 300 meter trusses, and 270m2 of LED. As well as a 35m high, 21m deep, and 64 width main-stage.

The Flying DutchThe Flying DutchThe Flying DutchThe Flying DutchThe Flying Dutch