SuperTrash Fashion Show

Jan 2015 | Amsterdam | Hadimassa

About SuperTrash Fashion Show

Olcay Gulsen is a Dutch fashion designer who created the SuperTrash label. The brand specializes in dresses, tops, and pants.

Role of Backbone

In 2014, Backbone was asked to be the production manager and technical manufacturer for the fashion show from SuperTrash. The 2014 edition took place in Sugar City and was the first production placement in this venue.  The fashion show, the set’s design, the area, and the client came together so perfectly that this production is high on Backbone’s favorite list.

The same applies to the second edition, which took place in 2015. The location was very special: the bicycle path, which was actually still under construction, under the central station of Amsterdam. The tunnel was technically not ready for an underpass. The end of the 11 yet completed a0-meter-long tunnel was on the building site of the new hall of the station, so the tunnel was still clean.

Backbone International organized the event permit with the approval of the Amsterdam Fire Department, among others. To ensure the location’s (fire) security, the crew took various measures, allowing the location to be used as a temporary event venue. The tunnel walls consist of 70,000 hand-folded and painted tiles, just like the mirror at the beginning of the catwalk.

Also, at the fire department’s request, we had to provide complex solutions for the entrance via a tent on the slopping tunnel entrance, the escape over the rear of the building, minimal tunnel height, and lack of hanging points. Ultimately, it was a high-end fashion show in a unique location. For Backbone, it was complex and both logistical and technically challenging.

SuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion ShowSuperTrash Fashion Show