Supersized Kingsday

Apr 2017 | Eindhoven | b2s

Event Information:

Supersized is a Dutch event organization specialising in the harder dance styles since 2005. Supersized organises events in honor of special occasions such as, Kings Day. Kingsday is celebrated on the 27th of April every year to commemorate the birthday of our King – Willem Alexander.

At Supersized Kingsday there is a wide range of music from the harder styles are represented at Supersized events. From Hardstyle to Rawstyle, from Hardcore to Up-tempo.

Role Backbone:

Backbone was responsible for the overlay management during Supersized Kingsday. Managing all aspects of risk and crowd service management. With over 35,000 visitors at the festival, there was careful planning to ensure all aspects of the production were up to par.

In December, Backbone joined the Supersized Kingsday team in conversations with local government, police, and fire to ensure the location’s security. Being held responsible for the safety of visitors throughout the festival is an aspect of our work in which we maintain a firm grip on.

In the end, the weather cleared up on the Aquabest terrain in Eindhoven and it turned out to be a pleasant Kingsday for the public!

Supersized KingsdaySupersized KingsdaySupersized KingsdaySupersized KingsdaySupersized KingsdaySupersized Kingsday