Skol Summer On

Feb 2015 | Brazilian Coast Line | Ambev

Event information

The SKOL mini-festival took off in December 2014 from the beach of Natal. From there, the brand event for the Brazilian beer brand moved south to Porto Alegre with 4 stops in between, at all the major resorts in Brazil. An event was produced at every location, consisting of a large stage in the style of SKOL and with every ingredient one expects to find at an EDM festival. Each location was complemented by its own musical line-up of international stature.

Role of Backbone

For this event, Backbone acted as the glue between the local production, international creative parties, artists and clients, both nationally and internationally. Backbone was responsible for the complex logistics that came with this event. A team of Backbone specialists was on the road for 6 consecutive weeks to deliver the same quality time and time again, cooperating with various local suppliers and stakeholders. Backbone took responsibility for the overall technical planning and provided the common thread for logistics. Our profound knowledge of EDM events is what distinguishes Backbone and what we have put to use during this tour.

Skol Summer OnSkol Summer On