Jan 2020 | Amsterdam | Westergas


The sensational audio-visual kinetic art installation SKALAR from Berlin, by light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray, traveled to Amsterdam this January. SKALAR is a large-scale artwork that explores the effects of light and sound on human perception. The creators narrate the story with light beams, moving mirrors, and multi-channel surround sound interacting with each other. In this gigantic installation, light is used as a material that can be shaped and reshaped, evoking abstract emotional associations. Combined with the sound design of musician and composer Kanding Ray, the silence of darkness was with forms of spatial light and sound.

The Role of Backbone

This artistic production is a collaboration between WHITEvoid, Amsterdam electronic music promoters Audio Obscura and our client, the Westergas. Westergas asked us to handle the technical production, overlay management, and overlay design. The production of this exhibition and live shows. These shows, with a cutting-edge blend of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights, and intense sonic soundscapes, were challenging. The initial load-in of this event took up four days. It mainly spent calibrating the lights and followed up by three rehearsals. Besides the exposition, this project consists of 4 live shows and the end show by Audio Obscura on the 1st of February. All have different setups regarding the overlay—an extra challenge, especially time-wise, which we can handle.