Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund Gala

Mar 2016 | Amsterdam | Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Gala

About Ronald Mcdonald Children’s Fund Gala

The Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund Gala, together with the homes in the country, wants to ensure that a sick child or a child with a health constraint is safe and secure through the presence of the parents. Therefore, they offer families with an ill or disabled child a warm, hospitable stay in hospital, living rooms in hospitals, and holiday homes.

This benefit will open your arms to the most significant benefit gala in the Netherlands and ensure an unforgettable evening. Audience members are guaranteed to enjoy festive performances by famous artists and an exquisite dinner with matching wines.

Role of Backbone

Since 2013, Backbone has been involved in this gala as a technical producer. The Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund Gala helps raise money for the charity. In addition, Backbone is engaged as a consultant to optimize the gala each year for the present guests and various organizations involved. Backbone contributes to this charitable event at both the content and creative level (stage design).

The Okura Hotel in Amsterdam is where Backbone must execute the decor and logistics. But the area proves to be a challenging venue. Despite limited infrastructure and building times, the Backbone team can create a lovely and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. With various video screens. It also has high-end finishes and other technical facilities with suitable suppliers for the 350 guests at the Ronal McDonald Children’s Fund, which consists of ministers, CEOs, CFOs, and commissioners of significant multinationals. McDonald’s franchisees know Backbone can be the technical support partner looking beyond technology. As valued partners, we must trust one another to create a beautiful night.

Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund GalaRonald McDonald Children’s Fund GalaRonald McDonald Children’s Fund GalaRonald McDonald Children’s Fund Gala