Red Bull Unforeseen

Mar 2024 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Red Bull Nederland

About Red Bull Unforeseen

Red Bull Unforeseen took place at BRUTUS in Rotterdam and drew 1000 visitors, adding a vibrant spark to the city’s nightlife scene with unexpected appearances.

With eight hosts and ten areas, attendees could experience an unexpected adventure. You could crawl between the artwork of Atelier van Lieshout and enjoy the music at Pretty Girls Trap Music. You could also get a beer at the pub of The Witte Aap and creep into a ball pit shaped like a swimming pool. The visitors could end their night with a cocktail made by Bound45 and a meal at the KFC museum. How cool is that!

Role of Backbone

Backbone took charge of this production’s technical design, overlay management, and technical production. Our team had to maneuver around indoor and outdoor exhibitions and multiple small rooms to ensure every room was completed by the visitors’ arrival.

Photography courtesy of the header image: Marjolein | Red Bull Nederland

Red Bull Unforeseen Red Bull Unforeseen Red Bull Unforeseen