Red Bull Stalen Ros

Sep 2023 | The Hague, The Netherlands | Red Bull Nederland

About Red Bull Stalen Ros

On Saturday, the 30th of September, a spectacle unfolded on De Prinsessegracht in The Hague: the first edition of Red Bull Stalen Ros! In this race, 33 participating teams conquer an 80-meter water track on their fully customized ‘Stalen Ros.’ Fun fact: Stalen Ros is a typical Dutch word for your bicycle.

The participants raced through a course featuring iconic Dutch obstacles, from drawbridges to cobblestones, all for the ultimate glory. They could win in three categories: being the fastest, the design of their customized bicycle combined with their outfit and creativity.

Role of Backbone

Backbone International was responsible for the technical production, overlay management, and technical design.