Red Bull Four 2 Score 2023

May 2023 | Rotterdam, The Netherlands | Red Bull Nederland

About Red Bull Four 2 Score 2023

Let’s score! Red Bull Four 2 Score 2023 occurred at the Schiecentrale in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Just like last year, Red Bull’s ambassador, Memphis Depay, was in the lead for this tournament.

Red Bull Four 2 Score is a tournament where football players can show their skills on a small field in a four-by-four game. The Dutch athlete Memphis Depay asked six captains to assemble their best teams to compete with each other. The captains included well-known names from the music and football worlds: Edgar Davids, Orlando Engelaar, Winne, Issy Hitman, Edward van Gils, and Frenna, who assembled and coached a team. David’s team won and represented our country during the world championship in Leipzig.

Role of Backbone

Our Backbone was responsible for the event’s production management and technical production, including creating a football area.

Official event photo credits: Red Bull Nederland | Memphis Depay | Rutger Pauw

Red Bull 2 Score 2023