Apr 2017 | Ziggo Dome | Q-dance


QAPITAL is the place for all the fans of the raw music genre worldwide. Every year, the Ziggo Dome transforms into the Raw Arena and gives a center point for all fans to unite. In 2013, Q-dance announced the first edition of a new area and festival. Q-dance created a new experience with a fresh concept, the best DJs, a dark atmosphere, and all the pyro and fireworks one can imagine.

Role of Backbone

In late December, the first meetings began. With multiple organisations, such as security, first aid, the venue—Ziggo Dome—and the Backbone project manager. Backbone’s role was overlay management, specifically dealing with crisis and crowd management.

From January onwards, frequent meetings were held with all parties involved to ensure that safety was prominent during this show. QAPITAL is the only Q-Dance show that provides the audience with a stage in the middle of the audience, so the DJ is at the epicenter of all the action. With the centrality of the staging, risk metrics are presented, especially when flames, fireworks, lasers, and CO2 are introduced.

There was a small incident, but because of the close communication of all parties involved in the planning process, it was resolved shortly. Communicating with industry professionals helped the team think on their feet and come up with a quick yet efficient solution!