Sep 2017 | Weeze | Q-dance

About Q-BASE

Q-BASE was introduced in 2004 as “The International Dance Festival”. On a former RAF airbase in Weeze, Germany, thousands of partygoers from all over Europe come together to experience this. Apart from the location, Q-BASE‘s uniqueness is that it is a day and night festival. The festival lasts for 14 hours. At Q-BASE, not only hard style and hardcore are played, but there is also room for new and less common music categories.

Role of Backbone

Backbone was involved in many aspects of this production for client Q-dance. We began the load on the 2nd of September, and the production took place on the 9th of September. Weeze, Germany, is a unique location because it’s right next to an airport, which causes logistical challenges. We could deliver our client their exact wishes by utilizing machinery during specific operating times. Foul weather didn’t stop us from delivering a strong, sturdy surface for the audience to walk on – 5000m2 wooden floors – to be exact.