PestaPora 2023

Sep 2023 | Jakarta, Indonesia | Boss Creator

About PestaPora 2023

One of the highlights for our Backbone Indonesia team was their involvement in PestaPora 2023. PestaPora is a three-day festival in Jakarta. The event will feature performances by several skilled musicians, including YURA YUNITA, Vina Panduwinata and Her Boys, Twilite Orchestra, Tipe-X, Vierratale, Ungu, The Jansen, The Changcuters, The Adams, and Sweet As Revenge, among others. There were many exciting stage shows and areas to visit, such as the Food & Beverages Area, Market Place, Happy Place, and other entertainment areas.

Role of Backbone

Like the year before, Backbone managed this event’s overlay management.

Event photography courtesy: PestaPora

PestaPora 2023 PestaPora 2023 PestaPora 2023