NIKKIE Fashion Show

Feb 2013 | Amsterdam | Nikkie Plessen

About Nikkie Fashion Show

The Nikkie Fashion Show took place in 2013.

After the program, Holland’s Best Fashion Designers, Nikkie Plessen, decided to take fashion to the next level and opened her own company, NIKKIE. In 2011, the brand was launched, and within four years, her brand has become internationally known. In addition to selling online via her webshop, Nikkie was able to open brand stores all across the Netherlands in locations like Amsterdam, Breda, Den Bosch, Haarlem, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Amstelveen, etc.

Role of Backbone

In the Harbour Club Amsterdam, during the NIKKIE Fashion Show, she presented her winter collection in 2013. The production design consisted of two small cubes that showed one large one to live feed and custom content. The models walked over the 30-meter-long catwalk along the stands, and over 600 guests attended the professional fashion show. The center of the catwalk consisted of an ice rink, in which several models alternated turns by exhibiting the collection of Nikkie Plessen. Backbone was responsible for the technical production of this event.

NIKKIE Fashion ShowNIKKIE Fashion ShowNIKKIE Fashion ShowNIKKIE Fashion ShowNIKKIE Fashion ShowNIKKIE Fashion Show