Aug 2017 | Floriade Terrain Haarlemmermeer | ID&T

Event Information:

Mysteryland is the world’s longest running electronic music festival, founded in 1993. In the year 2017, the festival celebrated their 24th edition. Three years ago they transformed into a weekend festival offering a vast terrain for 10,000 visitors to camp from 50 different countries.

During a three day spectacle, they invite visitors to embark on a musical journey and explore over 250 DJs and live acts on 16 breath-taking stages. The on-site camping grounds welcome festival enthusiasts from over 50 nationalities and offer pre- and after-parties as well as a very diverse food and entertainment program.

Role Backbone:

The Mysteryland load in started on the 12th of August and was completed on the 25th. The festival was held over two days (26th & 27th of August) with an overall capacity of 100,000 attendees. Backbone International was involved with the technical production, machinery management, and risk + crowd service assistance. Load out was from the 28th of August until the 1st of September and without our suppliers help from start to finish, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this significant production!