Korean Culture Festival

Jul 2022 | Amsterdam | Korean Embassy in Netherlands

About Korean Culture Festival

Korean Culture Day was the first edition of a festival entirely dedicated to Korean culture in the Netherlands. The event was held on the 9th of July, 2022, at the Transformatorhuis in Amsterdam. The one-day festival offered visitors a wide range of cultural elements and experiences. This included live Korean Music, dance competitions, workshops, traditional games, and performances by the Taekwondo Kukkiwon Team and K-ARTS HANNURI troupe. The festival was hosted by the Korean Embassy in The Netherlands. 

Role of Backbone

Backbone was responsible for the technical production, technical drawings, and overlay management. This included (amongst other things) power supply management for water, all the food stands present at the event, projections used, and the construction of the main stage used for the performances and presentations. 

Official event photo credits: Korean Embassy

Korean Culture Festival Korean Culture Festival Korean Culture Festival