Holland Heineken House

Mar 2014 |

Ever since the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona, the Holland Heineken House has been a traditional part of the Olympic games for Dutch athletes, supporters and followers alike. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is no exception.

With a total of 24 medals for the Dutch team, the Legendary Lane, filled with tiles of the winners of the most recent edition of the Olympic games, was completely paved. The quality, the decoration and the presence of the athletes, al made the 2014 Winter Olympics a memorable experience, one that cannot be easily surpassed.

Heineken asked Tribe Company to improve the Holland Heineken House concept and produce the Medal Celabration Hall for them. Backbone International was the executive producer for Tribe Company at the Holland Heineken House 2014.

Holland Heineken HouseHolland Heineken HouseHolland Heineken HouseHolland Heineken HouseHolland Heineken House