Heineken Formula 1

Sep 2017 | Globally | Oil for live entertainment

Event Information:

To enjoy a cold beer during a Formula 1 Race is most welcome, considering the speed and tension of this sport. That’s why Heineken offers the F1 fans a nice and relaxing place to unwind at various Heineken Grand Prix, asking oil to design and build it worldwide and Backbone International to assemble it.
Magic words: modular, flexible, premium, well-organized. Cheers! And please mind: When You Drive, Never Drink.

Role Backbone:

Our core-team, supported by our international network of technical partners, designed and handled every technical aspect of the event. We handled local subcontractors and the local network in Spain, Singapore, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. We manage two identical sets, that travel the world with the F1 and the Dutch Heineken crew is flying in to ensure the experience is of the highest quality. The set up features a bar, DJ-booth, photo stand, lounge seating, tables and chairs, USB connections to charger your phone, and Heineken branded accessories. The entire set up travels in 2 x 40ft. sea freight container delivered to any of the Formula 1 locations around the globe.

Heineken Formula 1Heineken Formula 1Heineken Formula 1Heineken Formula 1Heineken Formula 1Heineken Formula 1