Heineken Commerce Week

Jul 2018 | Zaandam | Kingcanary

About Heineken Commerce Week

Heineken Commerce Week is about global senior commerce management. Eight events, three days, and 1500 International guests. The event is about strategy, innovations, and new developments. It has a packed program: plenary sessions, custom-designed experiences, awards, lunches, dinners, opening shows, online video reports, and a closing summer party. Attendants go back to their OPCO informed and motivated to share and inspire. In Taets, an old Ammunition factory in Zaandam, Heineken Commerce Week took place for 600 people. There was a plenary session stage, a marketplace with many drinks from the different Heineken brands, a food court, and a livestream studio in the center. Challenge: Loading in a high-end production in just a few short days before starting the rehearsals for the plenary sessions.

Role of Backbone

Backbone took charge of technical design and technical production for this corporate event. 

Photography: Jorrit Lousberg

Heineken Commerce WeekHeineken Commerce WeekHeineken Commerce WeekHeineken Commerce Week