Hartje Ginneken

Sep 2022 | Breda | Hartje Ginneken

About Hartje Ginneken

It all started as an idea by two friends (Johan de Vos and Joris Joosen) in a bar. Their wish was to create an event at the Schoolakkerplein, a central square in the city of Breda in The Netherlands, for all people in their neighborhood het Ginneken. Fast forward to 2016 and the first Hartje Ginneken (heart Ginneken) was a fact, including performances by big Dutch artists and where everyone could sparkle joy and gezelligheid ruled! Now, six years later, they celebrated their jubilee edition in the weekend of September 10th and the event was larger than ever with close to 7.000 visitors mostly all from Breda. And like every year carefully built by Bredanaars for Bredanaars. 

Role of Backbone

Backbone has been involved since the very first beginning in 2016. We always handle the technical drawings, production, overlay management, and back office. From the event’s mainstage to the B-stage, and from a Sky deck to the VIP deck. Throughout the years we’ve created many precious and even more hilarious memories together.

Official event photo credits: Hartje Ginneken | Jorn Baars