GuestList4Good Festival

Dec 2017 | Mumbai | Sorted Management

Event Information:

In two short years, they have entertained 150,000 on ground, over 23 million online and educated 28,200 children on Magic Bus. To do this, Guestlist4Good partnered with Magic Bus, founded in 1999 by Matthew Spacie. Magic Bus pulls children out of poverty by teaching better awareness, life skills, and opportunities, through mentoring and sports.

Their vision is to educate India’s underprivileged children, by revolutionizing the way fans experience live entertainment. Mission: To raise money and awareness for the education of children in India, by registering fans on the world’s largest guest list and offering them unique and original live event experiences.

Role Backbone:

GuestList4Good Festival took place  in the DY Patil Sports Stadium over two days, on the 2nd and 3rd of December, which offered different artists (Bollywood and Electronic Dance related) and brought in a capacity of 40-50,000 per day.

Backbone International contributed to the development of the biggest steel structure scaffolding’s for the first ever build for an Indian stadium show. This required dozens of delivery trucks with scaffolding and steel pipes to complete the full set of decoration, but also an additional 4 main audio towers and 4 audio delay towers. It required hundreds of workers involved with the process and a technical producer from Backbone International to oversee the entire process.

Highlight: Heavily focused on decor, the main stage was constructed with beautiful LED lines, that fell in line with the “heart” philosophy that Guestlist4Good has created with their logo. Imagine as the heart has blood running and pumping through the veins; the stage symbolically represented the hearts functions with lighting, fireworks, and other special effects.

GuestList4Good FestivalGuestList4Good FestivalGuestList4Good FestivalGuestList4Good FestivalGuestList4Good FestivalGuestList4Good Festival