Jul 2016 | Recreational Terrain Rhederlaag | Matrixx Events

Event Information:

Dreamfields festival is located at the beautiful Recreational Area Rherderlaag in Lathum, near Zevenaar. The location provides an amazing view over the water, with boats, hills in the landscape, and a mind blowing sunset, proving to be an ideal venue for the world of Dreamfields.

The Dreamfields concept revolves around the music, artists, and experiences of the visitor. Stagedesign proves to be an important aspect of a visitors experience. There is a lot of planning that goes into the last closing show, lasting 15 minutes blowing the audience away with lasers, fireworks, and flames.

Role Backbone:

From the very first edition of Dreamfields, Backbone is involved in the technical realisation of this annual event. Dream fields is a dance festival based on multiple flows in the electronic dance music industry. With five area’s and 25,000 visitors, it has become an important player in the full festival rooster the Netherlands has.

Backbone has performed the roles of Production Management, Overlay Management,  and Office-On-Location for Dreamfields. The Production Manager will discuss the new plans during pre-production with Matrixx, the organization behind the festival, and try to join forces to achieve an executable schedule. During the production execution, the Production Manager is responsible for the day-to-day business. With a team of Overlay experts, the entire fence will be placed only within a few days, in addition build up constructions, bicycle parking, etc. Within one and a half weeks the entire festival is built up from scratch! With such preparations, we are able to complete the buildup within a few days.