Decibel Outdoor

Aug 2022 | Beekse Bergen | B2S

About Decibel Outdoor

What started as a passion for gathering the harder styles-minded crowd in an outdoor event in 2002 grew out to be a massive three-day festival in the Netherlands. Decibel Outdoor 2022, from August 19 to 21, hosted 300+ artists divided over 16 stages, representing all harder styles, from upcoming talents to the more established names. For the festival experience, there was also a 72-hour campsite that offered various accommodations and entertainment.

Role of Backbone

Team Backbone was responsible for the overlay design, including GPS measurements and producing all overlay materials for the festival and campsite. Next to that, we assisted with the overall production of the event. Even though the pre-production and build-up process came with challenges like high temperatures, a cross load with Awakenings, and the large number of materials which included 9km of fencing, 10.5 km of bamboo, and more than 15km of wooden flooring, the whole Decibel team kept positive and managed to create a great experience. 

Official event photo credits: Decibel Outdoor | B2S