DE Masterblenders

Jan 2012 | Westergasterrein | Silent Associates

Event Information

Douwe Egberts commissioned Silent Associates (UK) to organize the initial public offering and brand transition to DE Masterblenders. On the Westergas site in Amsterdam, the Gashouder and the Zuiveringshal were blocked off for 3 weeks to host a high level presentation for a select group of investors coming from all over the world. The guests were informed about the initial public offering and the new brand value by way of key notes and video content. DE Masterblenders’ assortment of coffee and tea products were also presented and explained by product managers and marketeers. This part of the presentation took place in the Gashouder. The Zuiveringshal was set up for dinners and various other presentations.

Role Backbone

The project grew dynamically in the course of the preproduction phase. The event planned to be a small-sized one day exhibition in the Transformaterhuis at the Westergas site. Yet, it turned into a high-end corporate event that lasted 2 days with a load in phase of 2,5 weeks.
Three weeks before the actual start of the load in, the organization realized that the production had grown too large to maintain high quality in all aspects of the event. Silent Associates involved Backbone to ensure quality on all fronts and to execute and manage all overlay aspects of the production.

As a consequence of the short preparation time, our operations covered the entire location production. It included advising regarding the Dutch suppliers, permits, troubleshooting as well as logistical coordination.

The sourcing of office units, barriers, power supplies, tents, machinery, furniture, security, medical services, cleaning & waste management, water supplies and transportation were also included in the range of tasks of the overlay manager.

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