De 538 Ochtendrun

Mar 2024 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Radio538

About De 538 Ochtendrun

538 runners started a 5,38-kilometre run this morning at De 538 Ochtendrun at Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam. With the sponsorloper, all the runners and sponsors raised € 884.890,-! All the money will go to the Prinses Maxima Medisch Centrum, which will use it for several projects to achieve its mission of ‘curing every child with cancer with optimal quality of life.’ Determined to honor his son’s legacy, Jeroen committed to running 10 kilometers every day, year after year, with the ambitious goal of raising one million euros. The 538 DJs were touched by his story and wanted to help him achieve his goal.

Role of Backbone

Besides being a proud sponsor, Backbone International took charge of the technical production and overlay management.

Event Photography courtesy: Radio538

De 538 Ochtendrun De 538 Ochtendrun