Jan 2023 | San Bernardino, California | Insomniac Events

About Countdown

On December 30th and New Year’s Eve, it was time for Insomniac’s Countdown to 2023. And what a spectacle it was! The two-day festival, with approximately 60.000 visitors, featured performances by DEADMAU5, Yellow Claw, Zedd, and many other DJs and artists in San Bernardino, California.

Role of Backbone

Backbone managed the event’s exterior operations and the shuttle program for Countdown. Exterior operations include pedestrian and vehicular flow, traffic management and control, security deployments, wayfinding for vehicles and pedestrians, sanitation and waste management, and interfacing with local businesses. Our Backbone crew worked closely with the promoter and local law enforcement to develop this production’s overall exterior operations and traffic management plan.

Additionally, the team ran two separate shuttle programs. A free shuttle program for visitors and a paid shuttle program ran to and from the event to Ontario, CA; the San Fernando Valley; Downtown LA; Riverside; and Orange County! The two shuttle programs combined had around 12,500 (!!) patrons.

Photo credits: Insomniac Events

Insomniac's Countdown Insomniac's Countdown