Carnaval Breda

Feb 2024 | Breda, The Netherlands | Municipality of Breda

About Carnaval Breda

Last week, the Netherlands, including Breda, also known as ‘t Kielegat, celebrated ‘Carnaval’ enthusiastically, with the entire city joining the polonaise. During these days, the Dutch citizens are fully dressed to party five days in a row.

Role of Backbone

The municipality of Breda asked Backbone to handle the overlay design and overlay management. In collaboration with the municipality, our team installed fences and strategically positioned interactive communication screens to regulate the pedestrian flow in various areas. Besides, they ensured the placement of mobile light poles and toilet facilities.

Event Photography courtesy: Gemeente Breda | Stichting Kielegat | Gré van Pelt

Carnaval Breda Carnaval Breda Carnaval Breda