Candy Crush Friends Saga

Oct 2018 | New York | Ulla Winkler and Unit9 Films

About Candy Crush Friends Saga

In October 2018 came the most significant addition to the Candy Crush franchise yet on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The new Candy Crush Friends Saga adds a layer of strategic thinking to the Candy Kingdom. As players are introduced to a vibrant, innovative, 3D world. So, they will encounter an incredible gameplay experience with a range of impressive new features and exciting game modes.

So, Candy Crush Friends Saga launched at an epic, record-breaking world event in New York City. Where lucky selected attendees were among the first to play the new Candy Crush Friends Promo, putting their skills to the test in front of a massive crowd at the most extensive live gameplay experience ever.

Role of Backbone

So, Backbone North America assisted clients Ulla Winkler and Unit9 Films. So, with the technical production, overlay management, and technical design for the Candy Crush Friends Promo, celebrated at Brookfield Place in New York City. Backbone North America had to manage space insurance needs and safety precautions and coordinate with building engineers. Ultimately, it was a great experience to set a world record for the most significant surface for a video game to be played on.

Event photography credits: Ulla Winkler | Unit9 Films

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