Feb 2013 | Haarlem | Stichting bevrijdingspop

Event Information

Bevrijdingspop Haarlem is the oldest liberty festival that celebrates the Dutch liberation during WOII. The first edition of Bevrijdingspop in Haarlem was organized in 1980. Over time this May 5th event has grown into a festival with crowds of 150,000 people enjoying various bands, dj’s and performances.
The festival spreads out over four stages in three different city parks in the center of Haarlem. The event takes place right in the heart of Haarlem. Some crucial traffic routes in the city pass through the event location. This results in a complex logistical operation.

Role Backbone

Backbone employees have been involved as producer/production manager with the festival since the 2008 edition, through previous firms. Since 2013 the festival is organized under the flag of Backbone.

Backbone handles the permit application and provides the various documents for the application. This includes the safety plan, emergency plan and the production manual, among others.
One of the tasks is the technical production of the 4 stages and the line up production i.e. follow up on all artist riders and show production. Also, the overlay management which includes tents, gates, barriers, office units, water supplies, toilets, site lighting, power supplies, (steel) flooring, entrance constructions and more. Backbone manages the entire logistical operation and is location responsible during load in, shows and load out.

Backbone is authorized to manage the entire production both on May 4th (Memorial Day concert) and May 5th (Liberation Day) and has decision-making authority. This includes managing the safety organization of Bevrijdingspop such as security, first aid and traffic control. Backbone also manages the safety dispatch.
In this capacity Backbone is a full member of the crisis management team together with local authorities and emergency services.

Summary: technical production, overlay management, risk & crowd management, permit application & line up production, as well as management and collaboration with over 500 volunteers involved in the event.