Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht

May 2023 | Utrecht, The Netherlands | Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht

About Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht

Next to Bevrijdingspop Haarlem, Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht is another large-scale event in The Netherlands that celebrated liberation on the fifth of May. A whopping 27,000 people came together throughout the whole day in Park Transwijk, located in the vibrant city of Utrecht, to catch performances by some of the most talented Dutch artists, such as Meau, one of the ambassadors this year, Nielson, Snelle & De Lieve Jongens Band, and many more.

Role of Backbone

Backbone International assisted the production team in preparing this event, providing the overlay drawings that the building- and municipal teams have used to create the festival terrain. We also managed the technical production and overlay management, taking care of essential elements like production rentals, power, fencing, and GPS measurements.

Photo credits: Bevrijdingsfestival | Marcel Krijgsman | Linde Dorenbos

Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht Bevrijdingsfestival Utrecht