BAO Festival

Nov 2018 | Dubai | ENVIE EVENTS

Event information: 

The first-ever BAO Festival at the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai took the visitors back in time to six centuries ago when the Far East & the Middle East created an everlasting bond that still remains today. In the last weekend of November these two worlds merged into one with a massive international line-up of DJs from the World’s Top 100.

Role Backbone:

Backbone assisted client Envie Events with the technical production and technical design of this event. Our technical producer had to deal with quite some challenges during this project. This festival was build next to a racecourse for horses, where during the build-up a race was organized. Due to this race the stage couldn’t be build higher than the first 15 meters because of the lighting needed on the track. The upper part of the stage had to be build in just 6 days.

The temperatures on this location were also on the extreme side, but because of the training schedule of the horses during the coolest hours of the day, the workers could only build-up from 10 AM until 2 AM. Although Backbone was asked on a later than usual stage of the project, our technical producer and his team of local workers nevertheless made this first, large dance festival in the Middle-East a great succes and a bookmark for upcoming projects on locations like this.

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