Backstreet Boys DNA Tour

Oct 2019 | Jakarta | TEM & PK Entertainment

About Backstreet Boys DNA Tour

Over two decades after the group was formed, the Backstreet Boys were back with their ‘DNA Tour.’ In May, their DNA World Tour began in Europe, following the release of their latest album, “DNA.” After the first concert of the Backstreet Boys in Jakarta more than a decade ago. They were back on the 26th of October. With songs like “I Wanna Be With You” from their first album and “I Want It That Way” from 1999. The concert was nostalgic while the crowd passionately sang along with all their hit songs.

Role of Backbone

Backbone International handled the production management, technical production, and technical and overlay design. Although the stage was pretty straightforward, the short timespan of three days for the load-in with some unforeseen circumstances and the ten-hour load-out made this project quite a challenge. Our team in Indonesia nevertheless completed it on time. The visitors to this concert were mostly aged in their 30s and often had a critical opinion about what was wrong. With this show, their criticism was conquered, which significantly complements us. The fans loved the production, the easy access, and the great show.

Backstreet Boys DNA TourBackstreet Boys DNA TourBackstreet Boys DNA TourBackstreet Boys DNA TourBackstreet Boys DNA TourBackstreet Boys DNA Tour