Audiotistic & Countdown NYE

Dec 2019 | San Bernadino, CA | Insomniac

Event information:

At the end of 2019, Insomniac Events organized both Audiotistic and Countdown NYE at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino. Audiotistic is a festival with cutting-edge sounds and unforgettable performances from some of the top artists. It’s known for its diversity in music genres, combining the worlds of hip-hop, dubstep and dance music with advanced production for an audiovisual experience unlike any other. Countdown NYE is the largest New Year’s Eve party on the West Coast. On this edition they had an all-new alien theme, four stages and various hidden surprises.

Role Backbone:

In commission by Insomniac Events, we provided the management of all festival operations on the exterior of the venue footprint and executed the installation of all infrastructure and assets required to facilitate hotel and parking shuttle programs, box office, lost and found, and will call services. Nice highlight of this project was that we were also in full charge of the ride share pickup and drop off. Our team facilitated the safe and efficient pedestrian migration of the attendees to and from the main entrance of the event, and engaged with local law enforcement, traffic engineers, and parking staff to execute traffic and parking plans. The biggest challenge on this project was the switch from Audiotistic to Countdown NYE. With Countdown attracting more visitors and having a larger site, a lot of changes had to be made on the outside of the venue in a short timespan of less than 62 hours. Our team nevertheless did an outstanding job and showed our client what they are capable of when all hands are needed!


Official event photo credits: Audiotistic & Countdown NYE | Insomniac

Audiotistic & Countdown NYEAudiotistic & Countdown NYEAudiotistic & Countdown NYEAudiotistic & Countdown NYEAudiotistic & Countdown NYEAudiotistic & Countdown NYEAudiotistic & Countdown NYE