Armin Only U.S.A Tour

May 2014 | USA | Alda Events

About Armin Only U.S.A Tour

Armin Only U.S.A Tour was an all-night electronic dance event featuring a solo performance by Armin van Buuren. So, the event consists of trance music. In 2013, van Buuren announced that there would be two “Armin Only: Intense” shows to promote his album Intense. Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of November were the official kick-offs of his world tour in the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. After this premiere, Armin Only: Intense continued its journey to over 20 destinations in every corner of the world.

Role of Backbone

So, the Armin Only tour visited seven cities in North America in 2014: New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Jose, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Alda Events organized the tour, and the American promoter Live Nation sought a flexible partner to produce the tour.

The run-up to the first show in the prestigious Madison Square Garden was barely four weeks after Backbone was approached for this project. Backbone was the right partner, with knowledge of and a network in the US. Backbone handled the complete technical production and the logistics around the Armin Only U.S.A Tour.

Our team built a rehearsal set in the IZOD Center for Madison Square Garden, the first show. After all the show elements were programmed, the set was packed up. And rebuilt seven times in 12 hours and taken down at a record pace in 4 hours.

Armin Only U.S.A TourArmin Only U.S.A TourArmin Only U.S.A TourArmin Only U.S.A TourArmin Only U.S.A TourArmin Only U.S.A Tour