ADE Awakenings

Oct 2023 | ZiggoDome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Awakenings

About ADE Awakenings

Amsterdam was alive with the pulsating energy of the Amsterdam Dance Event! On Wednesday, October 18th, at sunrise, our team began with the build-up, and the last screws were packed a few days later.┬áThis year’s ADE Awakenings featured three sensational shows at the Ziggo Dome: Solomon, Axhale by Amelie Lens, and Reinier Zonneveld. Despite the tight two-hour window between Solomon and Amelie’s shows, our Backbone team thrived on the challenge, setting the stage for the next performance.

Role of Backbone

Our team handled the 2D and 3D drawings, technical production, and overlay management for the Ziggo Dome shows.

Official event photo credits: Awakenings | TWOFIFTYK | ZiggoDome | FerdyDammanPhotography

ADE Awakenings