Event information:

The Asian Sound Syndicate festival took place on the 31st of August at the Helipad Parking Ground GBK Senayan in Jakarta.

This first edition combined local hip-hop performances with a mix of international KPOP and hip-hop shows which represented the Asian take on hip-hop. Headliners on this event were Gray, Simon Dominic, and Bobby from iKON.

Role Backbone:

It was the first time a music festival was held on this location. Because of our experience in large scale events our Indonesian team got therefore asked to assist with production consultancy besides the show management.

With a load in of just five days and a one-day load out the organiser was very content with the outcome of this production. A second edition of this event is already announced.

Project Name: Asian Sound Syndicate

Event Date: Aug 2019

Event Location: Jakarta

Organiser: Stellar Events

Asian Sound Syndicate
Asian Sound Syndicate
Asian Sound Syndicate
Asian Sound Syndicate

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