You’re joining our Backbone team as a combined role merging the roles office manager and operations assistant, hereafter OA. As OA, you will have a cross-discipline supporting role for the Backbone team, working from the Backbone office in the Amsterdam region. We’re looking for someone who is experienced, accurate and has a proactive approach. This role requires a full-time employment and a strong skill set of English and Dutch, reading and writing.
At our homebase, the Backbone office, you will be the key factor for a smooth daily operation. Welcoming office guests, arranging lunch, crew trainings and supplies are part of your responsibility. A proactive attitude in these is a big plus! Last but not least, the OA is responsible for the financial settlements of the tasks mentioned above.
Setting up crew plannings, making hotel reservations, booking flights and arranging transportation will also be a part of your daily tasks. The Backbone team often works on site and abroad for several days to build up/break down a project. For this part, the OA is responsible to make sure all visas and travel documents are in place, as well as crew catering and accreditation. Sometimes this requires negotiation skills, so make sure this is an enjoyable challenge for you.
Backbone makes sure you will receive:
  • An appealing and a challenging work environment. Several clients who we work with are ID&T, Q-dance, Kingcanary, UEFA, Tribe Company and SAIL Amsterdam.
  • Professionalism: Backbone is a leading production company in the global event industry. We are working towards the highest level at all times, together with our partners and employees.
  • Team: Everyone is able to learn something new every day which makes him/her even better in what they do. As a team you’re the strongest and that’s why we work together closely. Therefore feedback, clear and open communication and transparency is of utmost importance.
    • Global work environment: Our work field is all over the globe. Working with different cultures brings valuable new insights.
  • Fun: We work in an informal setting and we laugh a lot with each other. If the rules and regulations of gatherings allow us, the Friday afternoons are blocked to toast before the weekend starts.
Working in this sector is without a doubt challenging and simultaneously the most beautiful field to be working in. If you like a 9-5 job, this is not the perfect match for you. Are you motivated by the thoughts of being a proactive all rounder who strengthens the Backbone team in their daily operations?
Send your motivation to chantal@backbone-international.com
We will get in touch soon!



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