The Spirit House: Gorillaz x Sonos

May 2017 | Amsterdam | The Adventures Of

Event Information:

The Spirit House was an event to promote the Gorillaz new album, Spirit House. The public could download the app via the Gorillaz website and then walk through the virtual Spirit House. The house was meant to represent the band’s home, intriguing visitors to see how they live.

The rooms were built to allow visitors to walk through the interactive experience room by room. After the tour of the Gorillaz “house” – visitors were then led into a projection room. In this room, a movie was screened via the Sonos 5.1 system.

Role Backbone: 

In a short period of 10 days, Backbone had to conceptualize the complete production in terms of production management, technical production, and logistics. In addition, we also managed the decoration, props management, and VIP area, which is not typically within the scope we work in. It was very challenging because of the time constraints for pre-production and load ins, but we were able to display strength in our efficiency to solve occurrences as they came along. Through adaptability and communication with our client (The Adventures Of), we were able to execute this production at the high level we perceive our productions.

The Spirit House: Gorillaz x SonosThe Spirit House: Gorillaz x SonosThe Spirit House: Gorillaz x SonosThe Spirit House: Gorillaz x Sonos