Aug 2017 | Floriade Terrain Haarlemmermeer | Mysteryland

Event Information:

Mysteryland is the world’s longest running electronic music festival, founded in 1993. This year, the festival will be celebrating their 24th edition. Three years ago they transformed into a weekend festival offering a vast terrain for 10,000 visitors to camp from 50 different countries.

There are 16 different areas to discover, set across 3 day and night spectacles, with over 100,00 visitors invited to discover 250 DJ’s and live acts on breathtaking stages.

Role Backbone:

For many years, Backbone is involved within Mysteryland’s various features as Production Manager, Technical Producer, Overlay Manager, Technical Design, Overlay Design, and Crowd Services Manager.

As Production Manager, Backbone works with an entire production team to budget responsibly and was involved in the translation of Mysteryland’s creative ideas to reality, by setting up the task budgets.

In 2016, the Production Manager’s function was a full-time function in the Mysteryland team as well as a Backbone Production Manager. The Technical Producer and Technical Designer(s) transformed the stage designs into  a  technically realistic construction tool. Providing the various suppliers with the technical features to offer this opportunity or to develop the technical aspects and details and to produce them from the various disciplines.

As a Technical Manufacturer, Backbone accompanied the entire technical process and the opening of technical facilities in both pre-production and actual on-site export.

The Overlay Manager(s) were responsible for the space layout of the site, but also for setting up and purchasing overlay facilities such as fencing, power, water supplies, tents, rigs, toilets, floors, signage cues, etc. The Overlay Manager was also responsible for driving the various overlay providers.