Aug 2022 | Haarlemmermeer | ID&T

About the event:

In between sparkling ponds, rivers, and forestry hills of the Floriade terrain near Amsterdam, more than 130.000 festival lovers from over 100 nationalities gathered at Mysteryland, one of the leading electronic music events in The Netherlands. During the weekend of 26 – 28 August, 300+ artists performed for 22 stage hosts, showcasing a mix of Hardstyle, Techno, R&B, House, EDM, Hardcore, Latin, Hip-Hop, Pop, Trance, and Disco to sweep the visitors off their feet.

Role of Backbone:

Backbone was commissioned to handle the technical design and technical production of all the stages and music areas of the festival. This involved working very closely with the client(s), designers, suppliers, plus other collaborators. The team was also the direct line of communication between all parties involved. Apart from ensuring safety and fulfilling designs, another important aspect was keeping a close eye on the noise transmission in the area, making sure decibel levels stayed within the set limits.

Our crew was also asked to produce the entire campsite in close collaboration with Mysteryland and ID&T. We overlooked the build of all the temporary infrastructure: from pre-set-up tents and cabins for participants to hangout at, wellness areas, bars, showers, toilets, a pool, and more. The team did everything to create a super fun village on 150,000m2 for around 18,500 guests.


Official event photo credits: Mysteryland | ID&T