Heineken Global Innovation Forum

Dec 2014 | Amsterdam | Heineken Global Innovation

Event Information:

Heineken is a Dutch brewing company with over 165 breweries in more than 70 countries. It produces 250 international, regional, local, and specialty beers and ciders. Heineken Innovators Brewhouse is their connected innovated space, open to entrepreneurs, inventors, universities, suppliers and great beer minds. Its aim is to collectively shape the future of beer and cider through invention and shared development.

Role Backbone:

Heineken Innovation organised a general session for all global innovation managers to present the future introductions and innovations of Heineken and to inform them about the strategy of these new or renwed products. The manner of presenting in the past hinders on the future of Heineken’s changes. For this, we planned a 240 degree projection with a presentation screen in the center. The round projection supported the key message of the current presentation with specially developed images.

12 projection projectors, custom projection screens, custom animated visuals, video controls, high end audio systems and light show, eight break out rooms with AV facilities, signage, and short preparation time. Also, the load in period was very short, but nevertheless, a production of the highest level that was highly praised by the Heineken team.

Heineken Global Innovation ForumHeineken Global Innovation ForumHeineken Global Innovation Forum